Study Partners

Scottish Guardianship Service (SGS) 

The SGS helps refugee children and young people, and victims of trafficking who arrive in Scotland alone. All of the refugee children and victims of trafficking that the service support, have arrived in the country without their parents.

Guardians help child refugees and victims of trafficking to navigate the immigration and welfare processes. First of all, they provide information and advice to make sure they feel empowered throughout the asylum process. They also act as advocates on their behalf, in order to make sure their voices are heard. Finally, they offer emotional support needed to go through the process. The guardians help them to make informed decisions about their future and to settle into a new life in Scotland.

Hands Up Project

The Hands Up Project is a UK based charity which uses online drama and storytelling activities to foster English as an Additional Language with Palestinian children in Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan.  Since its beginning in 2016 the project has made links with volunteers around the world and developed brand new forms of online theatre – Remote Theatre and Lockdown Theatre.  Both allow children living in challenging circumstances to become visible and share their stories through creative expression.    They combat the isolation the children feel and give them the opportunity to make contact with the outside world – a world which doesn’t often make contact with them. We also offer online support and training opportunities in Remote Theatre techniques to Palestinian teachers.


CoramBAAF is an independent membership organisation for professionals and others working with or looking after children in or from care. The project will draw on CoramBAAF’s networks developed across the four nations through the Fostering Across Borders initiative which produced UK materials on family-based care for separated migrant children. For the current project, CoramBAAF are helping us to ensure that the research and briefing papers take into account and are relevant to the concerns of professionals in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. They will facilitate focus groups to explore similarities and differences across the UK.

Terre des Hommes 

The Terres des Hommes International Federation is a  network of ten national organisations working for the rights of children and to promote equitable development without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination. 

Terre des Hommes organisations implement projects to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children and the exercitation of their rights in their own environment (including families and communities); bring the root causes of poverty to the attention of the public, along with the rights of the child; mobilise political will and advocate appropriate public policies on child rights and development from a human rights perspective; raise funds to achieve their objectives and work together to improve their impact.