Katrice Horsley

Katrice is a narrative consultant and performance storyteller. She has designed and delivered training, using narrative based approaches for UNICEF, UNHCR, International Red Cross and many others. Her work is underpinned by a background in Child Play and Child Development. She wrote ‘The Small Creature, an award-winning bereavement resource for young children (published by The British Heart Foundation and later turned into short film), Storytelling Conflict and Diversity (an article published by OUP) and also co-wrote ‘The Evaluator’s Cookbook’ published by Routledge. In addition to her training and development work she has performed at International Literary Festivals and storytelling festivals from Hay and Cheltenham to Singapore and Norway and is also often found delivering keynote talks to a wide range of audiences. She is passionate about enabling people, communities and organisations to find their voice and tell their stories.

Malak Mattar

Malak grew up in Gaza and is currently a political science student in Istanbul. Despite her young age her work has already gathered international attention, and was featured in Bristol, Jerusalem, Washington and countries such as Costa Rica, Germany, India and Spain. She is known for her semi-abstract, colourful designs, and powerful expressionist faces. As she says, she paints mainly women. Through her art, she hopes to empower and inspire, expressing ‘the feminine experience in state undergoing a territorial dispute’

Carl Guifo Guifo aka Amp Medley

Carl is a popular hip-hop artist. He describes himself as a ‘storyteller extraordinaire & master of ceremonies, obsessed with cultivating the craft and nurturing the development of fresh narratives in a variety of forms’. His interests range from hip-hop to slam poetry, novellas and dramaturgy, and he enjoys pushing his artistic boundaries through experiment, innovation and authentic self-expression.

Paulina Czyż

Paulina is a freelance photographer and a qualified educator based in the UK, specialising in commercial and fine art photography. She has a background in journalism, and in Postgraduate Photography Studies from the University of Arts, London College of Communication. She currently splits her time between working at Morley College, WMCollege and Bishopsgate Institute, where she teaches digital photography, imaging for design, fashion photography and product and street photography. These forums allow her to pass her knowledge and skills on people of all ages, while permitting her freedom to continue providing freelance photography work, and develop creative artistic projects.