‘Dwelling in Positivity’: Telling Covid Stories through Art

In the previous post we discussed conducting interviews with separated children and the professionals supporting them. On the 24th February we started another part of the study, art- based intervention workshops, and we have been busy since. As we near the end of these workshops, we are collecting young people’s artwork and preparing to share study outcomes during our 17th June Conference. In this post, we offer a peek behind the stage, and a preview of what these sessions were like for the young people, and us.

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Working with separated children as a legal representative

A Guest Post by Farida Elfallah, an Associate Solicitor at JustRight Scotland, a legal human rights organisation.

At JustRight Scotland, through our Scottish Refugee and Migrant Centre, we provide a child-centred legal service for refugee and migrant children.  We have a collaboration with the Scottish Guardianship Service (SGS) to provide legal advice, support and advocacy for separated children seeking protection in Scotland. 

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